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At Kubo lectrical we are determined to build you the best solar and battery system to suit your needs. We only use proucts that we know will last and keep producing power for you. Every home solar system, off grid home and commercial solar project are designed specifically to each project. This gives you the confidence nowing that your solar system is working for you.

the best solar and battery INVERTERS

Fronius GEN24


  • Best inverter on the market
  • Can be upgraded for batteries
  • Works with Selectronic
Sungrow Hybrid Inverter


  • Very reliable and for commercial use
  • Hybrid battery ready models available
  • Has 3+ MPPT trackers
Enphase micro inverter


  • AC Micro Inverters on each panel
  • Expandable in the future
  • Perfect of multi pitch roofs
Best Solar and Battery


  • Best battery inverter in the world
  • Can work with nearly any battery
  • Made here in Australia
Victron 450/100 200


  • Perfect for on and off grid
  • Works with Selectronic Inverters
  • Most reliable MPPT on the market
GoodWe Inverter


  • Best entry level inverter
  • Hybrid battery ready models available
  • Great tech support in Australia

the best BATTERIES

Tesla Powerwall


  • Works on any home
  • Blackout Protection
  • Stack up to 6 batteries
Sungrow Battery


  • Works with Sungrow Inverters
  • Up to 26.2kWh of storage
  • 10yr Warranty
BYD Battery HVM


  • Works great with Fronius Inverters
  • Up to 66.3kWh of storage
  • Enough power for your entire home
PowerPlus-Energy Battery


  • Made in Australia
  • Works with Selectronic & Victron
  • Can power all homes and businesses
GenZ Battery


  • Works with Selectronic and Victron
  • Can expand to any size needed
  • Perfect for all climates in Aust.
Selectronic Battery Select Cell


  • For use with Selectronic 120V
  • Totally expandable and modular
  • Perfect for commercial use

the best solar and battery panels

REC Solar Panels


  • Voted best panel in Aust 2023
  • Built for performance & reliability
  • Performs great in all weather cond.
QCell solar panels


  • Voted No. 3 panel in Aust 2023
  • Built for Australian conditions
  • Has top performance, yield & ROI
solar panels


  • Best entry level panel on the market
  • Most popular panel for homes
  • N-Type panels available

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