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Commercial Solar

Why Kubo Electrical for commercial solar?

Need to save energy costs but not sure where to start? We can help you design the end-to-end energy solution that’s tailored for your needs and ROI on all commercial solar projects.

With commercial solar, we understand that that no buildings are the same and all energy requirements are different from each of our clients.

We make it our duty to understand your business goals and energy demand to design the best solar system that benefits you and meets your investment criteria.  

Our Process 

From our data analysis and feasibility study through to construction and ongoing support, we’re here to ensure your business gets the most from its solar investment.

  1.  Energy Data Analysis
  2. System Design & Feasibilty Study
  3. Pre-Site Engineering
  4. Sales & Finance Options
  5. Project Installation
  6. Quality Assuarance Testing 
  7. Hand-Over
  8. Ongoing Support & Monitoring
  9. Maintenance Schedule


commercial solar
Commercial Solar Fronius Inverters

Our experience with commercial solar

We are leaders when it comes installing large commercial solar projects, including roof-top and ground-mounted solar systems, large battery installations.

We have an extensive range of experience in designing, installing, commissioning and monitoring commercial solar and battery systems in Australia.

Once the installation is completed, we move to overall system monitoring and maintenance to ensure your investment continues to support your power requirements as the company grows.

Kubo Electrical is a long-time service provider to the commercial sector. And we’re proud topartner with Mondo Energy to provide the following services – safely and reliably:


commercial solar Ground mount solar

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“Stefan from Kubo Electrical did a great job. He was efficient, friendly and provided good value for money. Happy to recommend!”

Veronica Toth

"Always on time- professional- gave suggestions when and where it was needed.”


“He was reliable, did a great job and I would be happy to recommend him.”


“They did a good job, gave me good price and I’m very pleased with the end result.”


“He’s very friendly, he contacted me quickly and at a reasonable price.”

Kathryn Lowe

“Stefan from Kubo Electrical was excellent, on time, polite did the job quickly and quietly no problems at all.”

Beth Kindred

“Kubo Electrical were very fast and very professional. They did a good electrical job. I would definitely recommend them.”


“Responded promptly and effectively to the enquiry. Visited site to understand the scope of work. Cannot comment on completion or quality until the project has been completed”

Peter Briede

“Stefan from Kubo Electrical was very timely. He was helpful and completed the job on a professional manner.”

Jessica Yates

“Kubo Electrical excellent in installing our new lights. They did a very good job. They were easy to get along with and the installation was done in timely manner.”

Jamie Unicomb

“Kubo Electrical were very good. In fact they were excellent. They were helpful and professional. They came when they said they would and I think it couldn’t be done better when they installed my air conditioning unit.”

Malcolm Eyre

“Stefan was very attentive to detail and offered a competitive price. He was available when I needed him and showed up on time and completed the work to a high quality. I would hire him again.”

Keith Moosad

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